Friday 21 May 2010

Worli-Bandra Sea Link

I'd clicked these last monsoon, just happen to look through them so I thought I'd share. This was my first drive on the Worli-Bandra Sea Link, a day after its official opening. It was 3a.m. and some cousins and friends made an impulsive decision to drive there. It was absolutely perfect.
Many of them don't display great photography skills (as in, some are a bit blurred), but I like the effect the bursts of light created on that rainy night.


Anuradha Shankar said...

the first one is awesome! i havent gone over the bridge at night, but even in the day time, i love the way it looks!

Anonymous said...

Nice!!! Monsoons make Bombay look even better :-)

Ruchika Vyas said...

Thank u! And yes, monsoon does make Bombay look better :)