Monday, 21 June 2010

Best places to have coffee in Mumbai

As a self-confessed coffee lover, it was only natural for me to jump up in the midst of an edit meeting and say "Can I do an article on cafes in Mumbai??" I think I might've scared my boss a bit with the unexpected enthusiasm. Well, whatever it was, I got to do it. 
So, instead of doing simple reviews, I thought of making it a little interesting by pegging the story as 'Different cafes for different moods'. So here goes a list of some of my favourite cafes in Mumbai.

Feel free to share your favourites too.

CR2 Mall, Nariman Point
Why visit?
For a laid-back, read-a-book experience.
It’s a crisp Sunday afternoon and all you want is to sit back, read a book and sip on a frothy cup of coffee. Where would you go? The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The simple, yet elegant décor displays a number of plush sofas and comfortable wooden chairs adequately distributed. If you choose not to get lost in a book, there are a stack of magazines here, or you can peek at the street below through the closed glass windows. The choice of music played here is subtle and hence doesn’t pose an interruption.
Must try: Iced Café Mocha, Caramel flavoured ice-blended coffee and German Cheesecake.
I also did a more comprehensive review of CBTL for, you can read it HERE.

Hotel JW Marriott, Juhu
Why visit?
For a formal meeting.
At any given time of the day, you are sure to spot one celeb or another at the Bombay baking Co. (BBC). What started as a simple gourmet shop is now an ideal meeting point for celebs and commonfolk alike. Whether it’s a formal meeting or simply a discussion over a cup of coffee, BBC offers a high-street like feel with their outdoor tables teamed with lounge chairs, adjoining the gourmet shop. BBC also includes a bookstore, a gelateria (Amore) and a bakery. Regular faces include Anil Kapoor, Suzanne Roshan and Akshay Kumar with wife Twinkle.
Must try: Cappuccino and Iced Macha Green Tea Soya (for its uniqueness).

Hill Road, Bandra
Why visit?
For a fun time with friends.
A walk back in retroville—enough to describe Mocha Mojo. Funky eggshell-shaped pods, walls splashed with colourful psychedelic patterns and short comic strips, an enclave entirely carpeted in red fur with shiny disco ball-shaped lamps, and a shelf of retro-inspired items such as beer mugs, tequila glasses, notebooks and T-shirts create a lively, fun-filled environment. The chirpy staff and the buzzing crowd, combined with music from the 60s to the 80s, is reason enough to visit. Coffeeholics will be further pleased to see an extensive range of coffees from across the world served alongside scrumptious desserts and savouries, with an entire menu serving the same in healthier avatars.
Must try: Monsoon Malabar, Lava Lava and Garden Lasagne from their new organic food menu.

Cuffe Parade
Why visit?
For a romantic date.
On a date what you want most is a cosy, private space, dim lighting and of course, delicious food and drinks to match. Moshe’s is perfect for that ideal romantic date. Dark wood chairs and tables with candle-lit lanterns lay in a lush green patio welcome you to the intimate outdoor dining area. Even the warm interiors with hints of Spanish mosaic lining and large windowsills of the indoors are also inviting. The eclectic world music played here sets the mood further.
Must try: Cinnamon-spiced Mocha, Blueberry Cheesecake

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