Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Your travel playlist

There’s music that makes you want to strum a guitar and there’s music that makes you want to sit quietly on a beach. Different destinations evoke different emotions. So, I thought of pairing various destinations with their ideal musical companion. Oh, and while you’re travelling, don’t forget to dig into the local cuisine; I've left some hints:

Road trips – Lucky Ali
Whether you plan to take a rickety bus ride or choose to drive by the Konkan coast, Lucky Ali’s music will be an able companion. His soulful melodies and soothing voice are sure to prompt some humming and swaying in your seat. You’d probably attempt at sounding like him, which you probably won’t, but you’ll enjoy it anyway. His music has a subtle rustic charm that is also infused in his videos. Songs like Anjaani Rahon Mein and Kitni Haseen Zindagi synchronise perfectly when driving on endless, tree-lined roads or even barren desert lands.

Must-try food: Tapri chai. You will find the best at the inconspicuous tea stalls by the highways. Aromatic, fulfilling, refreshing and quick, tea is an ideal road trip drink. 

It is probably a sheer coincidence that a majority of song titles by Coldplay symbolise living in the mountains. Don’t Panic (when the roads at a height of 3,000m start getting narrower), Parachutes (in case fall off a cliff), Careful Where You Stand (not too close to the edge of a cliff that has a 2,000 feet drop), Shiver (more like freeze even after wearing five layers of warm clothing), High Speed (something you probably want to focus on avoiding when taming rock-cut mountain roads), Warning Sign (you’ll see a LOT of those throughout HP)—completes a trip to HP, doesn’t it?

The thing with Coldplay’s music is that is reaches out to us on many different levels. Some songs incite incessant foot-tapping and head bopping, some others work as temporary painkillers and anti-depressants, whereas some ignite our thought process at a depth we didn’t know we had (probably the peace you sought out from the holiday).

Must-try food: Rajma chawal. One of the yummiest meals you’ll find up north, it is available at every restaurant/dhaba in HP.

Pushkar - Pink Floyd
This hippie town is most popular for things it probably shouldn’t be, such as certain intoxicating elements. It attracts a large number of foreign tourists owing to its spiritual nature that seems to originate from the revered Brahma temple.
It is the most peaceful feeling to look at the still waters of the Pushkar lake as you listen to the beginning of Pink Floyd’s Coming back to life. As the night proceeds one becomes more and more Comfortably Numb. The entire place has happy melancholic vibrations that resonate with each and every note of every song of Pink Floyd. Their music is expressive and the lyrics moving; every song tells you a story. Gradually, the music and the place entwine, taking you to a magical place caught in a time wrap, from where it is difficult to return. Pink Floyd in Pushkar is a state of mind.

Must-try food: Bhang lassi is the most famous drink here, although not entirely legal. Also try the local street food platter of pakodas, kadi and malpua.

Goa Jack Johnson
The first few visions to appear when Goa falls on anyone’s radar are: A sprawling beach, a sun deck chair, a cocktail—with that little umbrella on top—in one hand and someone playing songs on his guitar, as background score. Oh, that gets me to Jack Johnson. His sing-a-long songs paired with the sounds of his skilful guitar, his look (loose shirt and three-fourth pants) and his love for beaches and surfing—let’s face it, they’re all attributes of a Goan! And almost every Goan knows how to play the guitar; well, if anyone doesn’t, hell hath fury upon him!

Must-try food: Feni, pork sausages, chicken xacuti…it’s a long list!     


Prutha Raithatha said...

loving ur blog!!!!

this post is sooo well done too... LOVE HOW U've given each area a band..lucky ali all timer is for sure... and i totally agree to floyd and jack ...coz i love them both...coldplay however for me [only coz i that them on replay for 2 yrs on my ipod] in over them... i think made myself sick of them..its my fault really...lol...

my other trip favourites r
muse,vampire weeknd, astro galaxy, pheonix

did i say i love ur blog yet? i really do


follow if u like what u see?


Ruchika Vyas said...

Thank you so much Prutha! And since I haven't heard most of the bands on your list, I now will :)
Will also check out your blog :)

Unknown said...

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