Saturday 3 July 2010

Fashion and pop art - shoot with Fashion Bombay

So I did something unusual last weekenda fashion shoot for my cousin Sonu and our friend Jasleen; both professional stylists who run a fun blog called Fashion Bombay. It was for a 3-part series to celebrate their 100th post.It was great to discover a new genre of photography as I'd never done a fashion shoot before, and certainly never thought I would. Anyway, so here are the results, do let me know your feedback.
P.S. For those wondering what a fashion shoot is doing on a primarily travel blog, I did 'travel' till Andheri for it. Isn't it wonderful how the concept of 'technicality' works? :)

The funky pop art cushions, boxes and bags are by Nidhi Karnavat Chopra. Log on to her website Pop Goes The Art to see her work. 

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

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I like very much.. :)