Tuesday 3 August 2010

The coffee express - Part 2

In the second part of the 2-part series, my buddy Alisha Fernandes ventured to the east and the south of India to get you some of the best caffeine fixes available there.

Where: Cacao Bakery and Café, Gangtok
Why: For a frothy cappuccino and mouth watering donut.
What: This cute little café in Gangtok’s MG Marg denotes the changing trend of the city from primarily being tea drinkers to an upcoming coffee culture. They serve cupcakes, savoury treats and cookies to satisfy your every craving. Their message to all: ‘Come as a guest and leave as a friend’, speaks volumes of the friendliness of the place.

Where: Indian Coffee House, Kolkata
Why: Experience the inspiring history of the city over a cup of coffee and a chicken omelette.
: The Coffee House on College Street has been bound to Bengal history for decades. This adda has been frequented by the likes of Rabindranath Tagore to Satyajit Ray and is famous for allowing their customers to relax over a cup of coffee for hours discussing political theories and creative ideas. Their prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is nostalgic.

Photo Courtesy - Chopr 

 Photo Courtesy - Mainak Bose

Where: Kashi Art Café, Kochi
Why: For scintillating brews and beautiful art.
What: This café was initially started with the intention of lending exposure to various artists by displaying their works. Their peaceful garden space encourages relaxation and the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Their menu changes everyday and includes breakfast, lunch assorted cakes and pies. Their servings are more than generous and the coffee selection spans the entire globe.

Where: Zha Café, Chennai
Why: For old-school, desi fun!
What: Zha aims to be a coffee shop that sells an experience. They have no imported products and their entire menu, from the coffee to the tasty bites, are all inspired by our country. Their famous Karupatti coffee is a jaggery based black coffee that was made in Chennai from before British time. Zha’s also famous for local treats like the Vazhaipoo vadai (vadais made from banana flower).

 Their famous Karupatti coffee


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