Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The coffee express - Part 1

With the cafe culture brewing across the country, a lifestyle supplement I contribute for did a 2-part series on some fun cafes. As part 1 of this series, we started with the north and west. 
Part 2 follows, in the next post...

Where: Pink Floyd Cafe, Pushkar
Why: A must-visit for every Pink Floyd just for the experience.  
What: Pushkar doesn’t cease to surprise the spirited traveller. Conceptualised by a huge fan of the legendary band, The Pink Floyd Café has an open air restaurant on the roof that offers an unparalleled view of this holy city. Aside from serving good coffee and cake, you can also sample the various cuisines it dishes out to appeal to its international clientele. The three-story building resonates with posters of the band along with 1980s memorabilia and other amusing placards featuring anecdotes on beer and marijuana. It also has lodging on offer with each room named after a Pink Floyd album.

The rooms here that are named after Pink Floyd albums.

The funky menu

Where: Moonpeak Espresso, Mcleodganj
Why: It has what every coffee lover wants—huge mugs of coffee at low prices.
What: On plain view, it is the location that entices you. The café has a mid-sized outdoor patio area that complements its narrow indoors. But it’s the view of a string of hills that is the deal clincher. Coming to the coffee. You remember the large mugs used by the cast of popular sitcom Friends at their regular coffee joint Central Perk? Of course you do. Well, the mugs here are that huge, but the prices are meek in comparison. So more coffee, but low prices. See, it IS what every coffee lover wants. The cakes live up to the expectations built by the coffee. Another thing I found striking here were the spectacular photographs hanging on the wall of the indoors, all clicked by foreigners who visited this Buddhist town. 

Where: Indian Coffee House, Shimla
Why: For the perfect filter coffee.
What: Old posters on unkempt walls, faded wallpaper, simple chairs and tables and old sofa sets is what makes it so special. Often packed with local office workers and civil servants, it is the coffee that drove me in. Power-packed in a cutting chai-size cup and saucer, the aromatic coffee is just perfect. One can easily gulp at least 2-3 cups at one visit without being pinched at the pocket. Well, at least I did. As an add-on, try their dosas and uttappas. Don’t miss the vintage-style uniforms the waiters don here. 

Where: Gloria Jeans’ coffee, Mumbai
Why: Simply for a good cup of coffee.
What: The reason I love visiting coffee houses is that it allows me to spend quality time with myself. I grab a book, find a cosy corner and enjoy my coffee—bliss. Gloria Jeans for me is just perfect for it. It’s a small, quaint joint, tucked in a warm corner of Bandra. It has wooden panelling all around, retro patterns on the interior walls, and a patio area for outdoor lovers. For me, it’s sometimes the little things that make a difference. For example, a shelf with sugar sachets, spoons, forks and tissues that is easy to access, instead of having to repeatedly request for them, or the jar of drinking chocolate you can sprinkle on your coffee…yummy! Also, the coffee blend here is one of the best in the city.

Gloria Jeans' pictures by the cafe itself.

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