Monday, 16 August 2010

Unusual restaurants in Mumbai

An ice lounge or a shikara? Read on as I list some of Mumbai’s funky out-of-the-box dining places...

KongPoush - Flavour of Kashmir, Goregaon
Experience: Sitting in a shikara
Why: Inspired by one of the most romantic destinations in India, Kashmir, the owners of KongPoush have set up a mini-Kashmir amid the obscurity of Mumbai’s Goregaon area.
Some of the tables are shaped like shikaras and some have the feel of a houseboat offering a feel of what it is to be at Dal Lake in Srinagar. And with a chef flown down from Jammu and Kashmir, equipped with authentic ingredients available only in this snow-clad valley, the restaurant promises lip-smacking Kashmiri fare. 
Must try: Goshtaba (pounded meatballs in yoghurt-rich curry) for non-vegetarian, Jammu’s special rajma for vegetarian, shufta (a sweet dish made with dry coconut, raisins, dates and khus khus cooked in a sweet syrup) and the ever-popular kahwa (a refreshing tea flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom and saffron).

Aer Bar and Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel, Worli
Experience: An aerial view of the city from the 34th floor
Why: Simple because Aer, the whopping 34th floor rooftop bar and lounge at the Four Seasons, offers a refreshing view of the city that never sleeps. The well laid-out edgy, futuristic furniture lends a cosy, lounge feel, while its al fresco nature lets you watch the sunset and the rare aerial view of Mumbai city’s skyline. All this while sipping on exotic cocktails served alongside mezze platters. A reasonable (especially for a 5-star hotel) entry fee of Rs. 1500 is now levied.
Must try: Horizon (vodka, coconut water) and Vyoo. 

Picture courtesy: Aer

21 Fahrenheit, Andheri
Experience: Chilling in a lounge where the temperature is -6 degrees
Why: Mumbai’s static humid weather is reason enough to try this one-of-a-kind ice lounge in Mumbai’s suburbia. To enjoy the -6 degrees temperature, you’re given a thick jacket, warm boots and a pair of gloves. As you enter, the memory of being in Mumbai soon evaporates in the vapour emanating from your mouth. Everything inside the lounge is made of ice; the seats, the walls, the stringed curtains, the d├ęcor and even the glasses you drink your favourite cocktail/mocktail in. Like I said—everything’s made of ice. What makes it super spectacular though is the fact that you can eat hot starters while enjoying the chilly weather.
Must try: House on fire (a fiery mix of vodka, jalapeno, pepper, gherkins, lime and black olives) is the house favourite. The chicken gilawati kebab and the tofiya-amin are yummy starters for non-vegetarian and vegetarian, respectively. 

Firangi Dhaba, Andheri
Experience: Eating in a rickshaw
Why:  To some, sitting and eating inside a rickshaw may not sound exciting. But with film posters, old lanterns, kites, glass patchwork walls and other such kitschy pieces forming a backdrop, it’s quite an exciting experience. The cuisine is a fusion of authentic dhaba da khana (authentic Punjabi-style) and continental fare. Check out the sewing-machine converted table, the cart-converted table and funky cut-outs of Salman and Aishwarya that are kept apart, of course!
Must try: Murg-dil-e-bahar (tandoori chicken cooked in raw mango gravy), sabzi-diwane-khas (vegetables cooked in a special sauce prepared in-house) and lassi in the typical tall, brass tumbler.


Anuradha Shankar said...

to think that i hadnt heard of a single one of these places.... at least now i have to make an effort and visit some of them :)

Ruchika Vyas said...

:) I'm sure you're going to like them. In fact, there are more that have opened since I did this feature. Will visit them and put them up as well.

Canzonetta said...

Hey cool! :)

Aarti verma said...

wow, interestin interiors!! need 2 explore:)
thnkx 4 sharing:)

Ruchika Vyas said...

You're welcome :)

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Ruchika Vyas said...

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Unu said...

There is a directory of the most unusual restaurants from all over the world, together with the Google map..

Ruchika Vyas said...

Thanks Unu, I shall check it out :)

rita said...

Ohh wow.. I have been to 21 Fahrenheit and firangee dhabha.. but KongPoush & Aer Bar dying to try now.. Thanks

Ruchika Vyas said...

Hi Rita, do check out Aer. As for Kong Poush, it is no longer in Mumbai. They have shifted base to Goa :)

Best Restaurants in Mumbai said...

It is really nice to find your awesome post of useful stuff. Thanks and keep sharing such informative post with all.

Ruchika Vyas said...

Glad you liked it!