Monday, 12 September 2011

Debailleul—With love, from Belgium

How often do you travel? Once a month or once in two months? Where did you travel to this month? Paris? Turkey? London? If you are a frequent traveller, you either have the luxury of time, your job is to travel or you’re an armchair traveller. If you’re the latter, then work most often keeps you so busy that you forget what an actual vacation means and instead rely on armchair travel; something you can do while sitting at work, or maybe on the way to work. But there are these rare times when experiences of a destination come to you. One such experience is Debailleul, a Belgian patisserie located at Prabhadevi.

A piece of white chocolate featuring founder Marc Debailleul

Started by French-born Marc Debailleul—who holds the title of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), a unique award in France that literally means Best Craftsmen of France—this Belgian patisserie brings to Mumbai authentic desserts straight from Brussels. Yes, seriously. Shipped in temperature-controlled containers, all their chocolates, tarts and gateaux are made in their main patisserie in Brussels. Even the bread—that is baked fresh in Mumbai—has its dough imported from Brussels, ensuring the high level of quality that Debailleul stands for. One would think, the freshness of these products would be compromised during this transfer. However, the flavours, textures and taste are all intact—trust us, we made sure—owing to the superior technology used for its preservation.

What they offer: You can take your pick from chocolates, a must on the menu, a variety of tarts and pastries, freshly-baked French bread, cakes, fancy ice-cream cakes and of course, refreshments that include coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

 Chocolates: From dark chocolate raspberry pate and milk chocolate with hazelnut praline to white chocolate praline and pistachio chocolates, you’ll have a wide range to choose from. And not just the chocolates, but also their beautiful designs are sure to leave you asking for more. The chocolates come in different box sizes. A box of 5 pieces will cost you Rs. 600, whereas a box of 18 will cost you Rs. 1,860.
You can also try their single-origin chocolate tablets (Rs. 350 each) that comprise different proportions of cocoa, such as 73% cocoa chocolate from Tanzania or the 38% cocoa chocolate from Madagascar.

 Pastries: Starting with the traditional tiramisu, go on to try their black forest that is made French style with four gorgeous layers of creamy chocolate cake encased in a cylindrical chocolate blanket and their signature raspberry mousse that comes replete with raspberry biscuit and fresh raspberries.

Macaroons: These yummy chewy cookies come in flavours of chocolate, citron, raspberry (framboise) and coffee. Rs. 91 per piece

Tarts: Raspberry, lemon meringue or apple, take your pick! You can even opt for a  multi-portion tart that costs Rs. 1,250 and feeds four people. 

Come September and you’ll also find smoothies, sandwiches, cold salads and fruit juices here.

They also offer home delivery, but at a minimum cost of Rs.100

Address: Ground floor, Emca Sadan, Appasaheb Marathe Road, opposite ICICI Bank, Prabhadevi. 
Tel: 9619487395

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