Tuesday 21 August 2012

TRAVEL TIDBITS: A Sweden hotel that trades art for rooms

If you’re a struggling artist and a backpacker who can’t afford a swanky hotel stay, then here is some good news for you. You can now use your artworks in exchange for a stay at The Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Sweden. And you will want to, when you realise that some such rooms start at US$125 per night!

Equivalent to actual currency, the hotel’s ‘Room for Art’ policy allows its creative guests to pay for their stay with an original, signed work of art. This unique offer is the brainchild of general manager Marcus Majewski, who was inspired by his artist father’s past, when he paid with art for a room at the legendary Chelsea Hotel, New York in the 1970s, which was known for residing upcoming artists between the 1960s to the 1980s. In addition, the hotel often collaborates with artists and musicians to host art gallery showings and performances. They even an in-house art consultant who provides art tours upon request. So far, almost 50 guests have paid for their lodging with art. No surprise there!

P.S. Keep in mind that this offer is valid based on maximum two-person occupancy per double room for one night per stay. The offer can also be taken advantage of maximum two times per person, per year.

A note to the artists: The artworks must be signed by the artist, and are limited to A4 size. This must be submitted upon arrival with a ‘Room for Art’ form available via the hotel's website. Read more or to submit your work, click here.

Address: Ringvägen 98, Box 20025, 104 60 Stockholm
Tel: 46 8 462 10 00; www.clarionstockholm.com

                                       Courtesy: Clarion Hotel Stockholm

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