Wednesday, 22 August 2012

TRAVEL TIDBITS: Your Holiday Wash service

As much as I love travelling, there are some mundane chores I’d rather avoid on a trip. And laundry certainly tops the list (for me, packing and re-packing comes a close second). Personally, I avoid doing laundry for as long as I can manage to. But unfortunately, it’s avoidable only on shorter trips; any long trip demands a visit to the laundry every now and then. Seeing travellers dread, well, clean clothes, a unique new laundry service was recently launched in the UK called Your Holiday Wash. So if you live in the UK or are visiting, you can avail of this service for £49.90. A call or an email later, they collect, wash, dry, iron and return your holiday laundry—all prim and proper, folded in a box—and return it to your doorstep. It comes ready to be packed up.

For more information, check their Facebook page.

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