Tuesday 4 December 2012

TRAVEL TIDBITS: Hello Kitty themed restaurant opens in Beijing

The unprecedented popularity of the Hello Kitty franchise is undeniable. Be it accessories or apparel or even robots, it is said that the sales of its merchandise alone have acquired over $1 billion for its creators, Japanese company Sanrio. This top cat is also the official tourism ambassador of China and Hong Kong. Hard to beat that, no?

Coming back to the travel world. After Hello Kitty-themed airplanes, spas and a soon-to-be-built theme park that will open in 2014, there is now a Hello Kitty-themed restaurant in Beijing. Not surprisingly called Hello Kitty Dreams, its interiors are bathed in bubblegum pink and white, the entire restaurant is decked with the sprightly cat’s paraphernalia. The food however is known to be average; although it probably isn’t what attracts the visitors. So if you love pink, this is your haven.

                                        A screenshot from their website

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