Friday 9 August 2013

TRAVEL TIDBITS: Dull and Boring day

If you thought things in this world just couldn't get quirkier, be sure to attend an official day to celebrate all things 'Boring' and 'Dull' in USA today, on August 9.

In a bid to increase tourism in Boring, a town located in Oregon, and Dull, a village in Scotland, both towns have come together to celebrate their alliance and of course, all things 'boring and dull'. The idea that was suggested by a Scottish biker who while cycling through Boring realised the value of this twinning. She bought the news of the town's existence to Dull and things went on forward from then on.

So, keep your calendars booked for the most 'boring' day of the year!

Oh, and there will be lots of FREE ICE CREAM!

For more information, click here.

Photo taken from the official Dull and Boring Facebook page

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