Wednesday, 13 November 2013

DAY 13 - Maldives

One of the many perks of being a writer and editor with a well-known publishing house like The Times of India is the fact that you get the opportunity to visit some fascination destinations that you would not otherwise be able to access. Mostly due to your tiny bank balance. Maldives is one of those destinations that are known for their luxurious indulgences. An archipelago of islands, Maldives’ stunning blue waters are in the true sense ‘mesmerising’. You can gaze at them for hours and you won’t get bored.

My visit to Maldives came via Louis Cruises. A three-day cruise, we sailed from Kerala’s Fort Kochi to MalĂ©, Maldives’ capital city. We only spent a day in this wondrous stretch of exotic islands, but it was completely worth it. Here are some of the highlights from that day:

1) The sea plane tour: To be able to get an aerial view of the Indian Ocean dotted with a gazillion island resorts and a mind-boggling palette of blue was truly the best way to explore Maldives. In this case, the photographs certainly express my feelings better than words.

2) An underwater restaurant: Listed as one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, Ithaa restaurant—located at the Conrad Hilton Hotel—is an all-glass restaurant located 16 feet below sea level. A fine dining restaurant, it has limited seating so getting a table can be quite difficult if you haven’t planned in advance. Seated in the midst of the Indian Ocean, this exclusive restaurant has the best sea view one can get, as glorious sea creatures swim around you in crystal blue waters. What’s great about it is that it has been converted into a room as well. So you can sleep inside it for the night and grab a bite during the day.

3) A tour of the Conrad Hilton Hotel at Rangali Island: Aside from being home to one of the most luxurious eating experiences in the world, the Conrad Hilton property also houses a well-stocked wine cellar. You can look up the wine you want at the table itself that doubles up as a computer monitor. We also had the chance to visit their most expensive suite that comprised two spacious rooms (one with a rotating round bed), a private pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi and see-through glass floors allowing you to see the marine life below.

My visit to Maldives may have been a fleeting one, but it was more than enough for me.

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