Friday 15 November 2013

DAY 15 – Ladakh

For two years, Ladakh remained on my bucket list without being ticked off. This wasn’t for the lack of trying to plan a trip. I had asked many friends who were keen on exploring the place, but we either couldn’t manage to find dates that matched or money to fund it. But in June 2010, I finally decided to go to Ladakh—I was tired of waiting. The situation was exactly the same for most of my friends But this time, I had procured the funds and sufficient leave from work. I simply didn’t have the company. So I decided to do a group tour, as much as I didn’t quite enjoy the idea of one.

Luckily, it turned out to be an unexpected surprise. I met a host of fun people who I am still in touch with. While the trip itself wasn’t well organised by the group that look us, Thrillophilia, we as a group bonded well, which made the trip a memorable one. So even though I went alone, I returned as part of a group.

A 10-day road trip, our journey began at Srinagar where we spent an entire evening riding shikaras, visiting the floating market and a papier machè factory. Our home was a cosy room inside a houseboat, the best way to enjoy the beauty of a place like Srinagar. We moved onwards to Kargil the next day and spent the night at the Caravan Serai. An almost eerie silence took over the place; as if the voices of the soldiers in war could still be heard.

We then proceeded to Leh. In the three days we spent there, we explored Pangong Tso, Khardung La, Diskit and Hunder—its diverse landscapes are still etched in my mind. My love for all things cake led me to the Pumpernickel Bakery, which is definitely my favourite pick from Leh. But three days weren’t enough for me to explore this wondrous destination. I have to go back…

Each time someone asks me “You’re travelled to many places, but if you were to recommend one, which one would it be?” I always say “Ladakh.” It is one place I think no traveller should miss.

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