Thursday 21 November 2013

DAY 21 - Brussels, Belgium

The first article I ever wrote was about chocolate. It wasn’t a good one, but it was borne out of passion. My obsession with chocolate has made me many things. One of them was planning a trip to Brussels to see the Chocolate Museum. Irony is, I never got my chance to see it. However, the three days I spent in Brussels were some of my most memorable. I met some lovely people from all over Europe and even made a friend for life. But more than anything, Brussels was a place that was fun and laid-back, and filled with goodies!

If there are three things that come to mind when I think of Brussels, it is these. Don’t leave without sampling them!

1) Chocolate: I didn’t visit the Chocolate Museum, simply because I didn’t plan my trip in advance and landed there on a day when it was shut. But I did go to Planete Chocolat and experienced the same shameless indulgence in the world of chocolate I had craved for.


2) Waffles: They are not referred to as ‘Belgian’ waffles in vain. Found at most restaurants and cafes here, the ones I enjoyed the most were at a tiny little shop at Grand Place. They cost €1 for the plain ones. You can add your own chosen toppings; bananas, Nutella, strawberries…umm, the list is looong.

3) Beer: The number of different types of beer available here should give you an indication of how much Belgians love this drink. Delirium, one of the most popular bars here (I am told), allows you to choose from over 2,000 types of beer. And if your love for beer isn’t satiated, try a bunch of fun beer games or home ware and apparel items bearing anecdotes about it.



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