Thursday, 20 November 2014

Want to stay in a tree house? Sign up with

I first made a bucket list six years ago, when I began to travel on my own. One of the things on this list was to stay in a tree house. I chanced upon one in Kerala while researching for a story back when I was working for a travel magazine. I had dreamed of a beautiful home nestled between tall trees, far away from civilisation, lit up by the rays of the sun and filled with songs of the birds surrounding it with only a stack of books and a cup of coffee for company. I never did strike that off my list. But that is about to change…

A few weeks ago, I discovered that the tree house I had envisioned all these years was not only real, but more beautiful than in my imagination. Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S.A., this tree house comprises a living room, bedroom and a deck, all connected by a rope bridge adorned with strings of fairy lights. Furnished with antiques interspersed with contemporary design elements, this tree house offers the perfect escape from the civilised world to a fairytale land that is undisturbed, revelling in its natural habitat. The bed can be angled in a way that allows you to be embraced by the lush woods around you, while the little desk near it encourages you to pen down your thoughts as the birds cheer you on.

If you’re wondering how I found this breathtaking place, the answer is Airbnb—a website where a community of locals across the world offer their homes to travellers looking for unique spaces to live in as they travel.

Why use Airbnb?
As travellers, we are all seeking out new experiences and hoping to discover offbeat locales and quirky places to stay in. Airbnb has taken the pains to help travellers find inspiring accommodation options to choose from. How else could you get the chance to live in an igloo? Or rent a private island? Or live in Charles Dickens’ home? The choices are exciting and endless. Plus it is a great way to connect with locals and getting an insight into their lives.

So, to help you get started on your very own unique adventure, Airbnb has this awesome referral programme that allows me to give all my readers Rs 1,500 to use on your first booking by simply signing up. So what are you waiting for? Join Airbnb today using this link and set out on your next travel adventure!

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