Thursday 19 March 2015

PHOTO FEATURE: Hotel Zilwa Attitude, Mauritius

Much like its cousin, Zilwa Attitude is quite the luxurious hotel. I particularly love the d├ęcor and the use of natural resources like bamboo and wood. The artwork in the room was exceptional; things I wish I could have taken home! There were paintings bearing short poems, driftwood mirrors and unique light fixtures. One of the walls bear a riddle written in the local Creole language. I managed to solve it only after some easy clues thrown my way from the hotel manager! I also liked the colour scheme in the rooms; mine was replete with red, grey and white, while other rooms replaced the red with yellow and orange. Just like Blumarine Attitude, the bathroom here was a screen separation away from the bed. The room opened out to a garden. Walk a few metres ahead and there is a pool and adjacent bar; all with a view of the beach.

Here are some photographs from my stay:

LOVED this artwork!

The sitting area in my room
The open bathroom

Poetry on canvas

Such a gorgeous mirror

Can you solve this riddle?

The subtle play of colours

This is the surface of a small table kept in the sitting area; love the texture
I love the way this lamp reflected light all around the room

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