Thursday, 11 June 2015

TRAVEL TIDBITS: Keep calm and have a cocktail

When you’re sitting aboard an airplane, 35,000 feet high, being able to enjoy a cocktail seems a tad out of reach, no? Not anymore. With the Carry On Cocktail Kit, you can prepare an Old Fashioned or mix up a Gin and Tonic in a jiffy. A compact kit with a chic design, it contains all the necessary ingredients to make the chosen cocktail; with the exception of hard liquor and ice for obvious reasons. It’s lightweight and can be easily carried it in your handbag. The recipe of the Carry On Cocktail Kit was concocted by W&P Design and Punch, two cocktail-obsessed companies based in Brooklyn, New York.

The kit contains the following and costs $24. You can buy it here.

- Carry on tin
- Recipe card
- Spoon / Muddler
- Aromatic bitters
- Cane sugar
- Linen coaster


Bhaskar Deka said...

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Ruchika Vyas said...

Thank you Bhaskar. I will surely check it out :) said...

Well I am traveler and drink lots of cocktail during travel some taste good and some even bad, Thanks for sharing the cocktail kit so i can make my own cocktails whenever i want...

Ruchika Vyas said...

Happy to help :)