Monday, 1 February 2016

How my father built a hospital in Thailand

I would like to share something very special to me. My father, Mr Sunil Vyas (my lifelong inspiration), who has been a resident of Thailand for over 15 years, opened a hospital for the underprivileged, where there can get medical treatments free of cost. Among the many things my father has taught me, it is his compassion for people that has always held me in good stead. I am writing this blog post not just to share with all of you the kind deed my father has done, but as a tribute to his great work in helping those in need.

Diseases can plague us any time, but not everyone can afford to treat them. In a bid to help the poor and needy who cannot always afford the heavy costs of medical treatments, my father helped build a hospital in the Nakornpathom district of Thailand, located on the outskirts of Bangkok. Having lived there for several years, he decided to give back to the country he adopted in the course of his employment. He chose to open a hospital at this location as it close to his workplace; allowing him to personally monitor its progress and development.

The hospital essentially offers emergency treatments to labourers as is an industrial area dominated by factories. There are two doctors and three-four nurses who help patients. The treatments and medicine they provide is free of cost. Should a patient require urgent care and is unable to come to the hospital, doctors even pay them a visit at their home.

My father collaborated with the government in Thailand to create the infrastructure of the hospital after which they maintain it and provide the medicines and care. He sought out donations from family, friends and anyone who wanted to help him do something that could save lives. The hospital is dedicated to my late grandmother Basant Vyas.


He is now working on opening another hospital within the region and is accepting any contributions people are willing to share. Should you want to contribute as well, please email me on Every little contribution will go a long way in giving hope to those who may have given it up. Even if you don’t contribute, just send us your good wishes :)

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Wow great contribution mannu Bhaiya Bebu(neeti vyas)